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Waterjet Cutting

ANTON produces high quality, high tolerance waterjet-cut parts, compliant to customer specifications. All cut pieces are marked and fully traceable.
ANTON processes cobalt alloys, duplex and super duplex stainless steels, nickel alloys, stainless steels and titanium alloys.

Waterjet Cutting Capabilities:

FLOW MACH-4C 3060 6000 mm x 3000 mm 150mm +1.0 mm/-0
WARDJET Z2543 4000 mm x 2500 mm 127mm +1.0 mm/-0

*Tolerance varies with product thickness

Benefits of Waterjet Cutting:

· No heat affected zone.
· Very unlikely to cause warping or other distortions, as compared to other cutting processes.
· Extremely versatile process, enables very detailed 2D/2.5D geometry.
· Environmental friendly process.  No harmful substances.
· Taper and stream lag are very minimal, virtually eliminating the need for secondary processing.
· Thin cutting stream, resulting in narrow kerf
· Dynamic waterjet enables tight part-to-part separation for nested parts
· Low cutting forces (under 1 lb. when cutting)
· If secondary processing or milling is required for extremely tight tolerances, there is no hardened edge to grind off.
· Can be used to cut all stainless steel grades.
· Particularly beneficial for heat sensitive grades, such as 17-4, 410, 420, and 440, because laser or plasma cutting may cause these materials to harden at the heat-affected zone.
· Can be used to scribe center marks or outlines that are used to assist locating during welding or assembly.

Processing Questions to Consider:

· Do you need to add a material allowance for secondary processing?
· Do standard tolerances meet your requirements?
· Does the material need to be marked with part numbers, job numbers, purchase orders, etc?
· Are there special packaging or handling requirements?

Waterjet Cutting